Investing in Wine (things to consider)

Investing in wine is not necessarily a new concept, although in recent times it has been studied a bit more thoroughly to find out if there's actually any true value in investing in wine for resell at a later date. When studying the facts and numbers it's easy to see that classically rated wines and wines with amazing history such as Bordeaux and Burgundy, show incredible possibility for increased value over time. Of course there are many factors to account for when trying to invest in wine for a return.

- You must do your research as to what specific wines are worth investing in and have a track record for appreciation in value over time.

- You must factor in what it takes to properly store and keep your wines in the right conditions to insure quality and provenance after years of cellaring.

- You must factor in the commissions associated with reselling your wines and how to exactly go about consigning your wines for liquidation.

- You must come up with a buying strategy to insure you buying the wines at the lowest possible price that can be found in the market.

- You must pay attention to vintages and which are more collectible than others in each region across the globe.

- You must be ready to take the risk and if your return never comes, be fine with just consuming the product.

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