2003 Michele Chiarlo Barolo Tortoniano

I found this wine for half price at World Market. I don't usually buy my wine from Cost Plus but I know that they have several decent wines that are highly discounted right now, so I have been stopping in periodically to see the deals.

This 2003 Barolo from Michele Chiarlo is a good example of a mediocre Barolo, but one that is worth the discounted price tag. It shows some of the typical nuances of Nebbiolo but is just lacking the real depth that you can find in top class Barolo.

On the nose I get aromas of plum, cranberry, cola nut, tea leaf, raisin, and wet soil. It's a bouquet that changes a lot in the glass and develops quite a bit. Sometimes it will just smell like sour cherry, and then sometimes you'll get these aforementioned and deeply nuanced aromas.

On the palate the wine shows flavors of plum, cranberry, raisin, and cola. This is a very lightly textured wine that is really dry but doesn't hold an ounce of weight. It's a total food wine that would integrate perfect with red sauced pastas. It lacks a bit of fruit, but it just might appeal to the old world palate for it's elegance. 88 points

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